Transform Your Property Operations With SuiteSpot

Stop chasing paper forms. Create custom digital workflows that automate unit make-readys, inspections, and work orders.

About Our Property Operations Software Platform

Cloud-based for Accessibility
Let your team access up-to-the-minute project updates and related documents in a single platform. And, since everything is backed-up and stored in the cloud, there’s no more lost papers, outdated quotes, or missed approvals and deadlines.
Available on Mobile or Desktop
Field staff can easily follow turnover progress, sign-off on inspections, and capture unit conditions with any smartphone or tablet. Then, remote management staff can view real-time reports and notifications from their desktop.
Integrates With Your Technology
SuiteSpot’s API allows us to integrate with popular resource planning, property management, and accounting systems your team may already use, giving you a streamlined way to manage your property operations from end to end.
Includes Expert Support & Setup
Dedicated account managers ensure you’re set up, trained, and experiencing the benefits of SuiteSpot in no time at all. We also provide a self-service portal, along with email and phone support, so you always have the best experience with our team and platform.

Key SuiteSpot Features

Unit Make-ready Management
Use trackable workflows to speed up the turnover process over and over again.
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Mobile Unit Inspections
Make documenting unit conditions easier for chargebacks, compliance records, and more.
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Mobile Work Orders
Improve on-site staff efficiency with digital work order creation, assignment, and tracking.
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Property Operations Dashboard
Easily surface data that shows you building conditions and portfolio performance.
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Unit Make-Ready Management

SuiteSpot’s automated workflows make the messy process of getting units completely turnovered or repositioned consistent and predictable month over month.
Consistent Workflows
Custom make-ready workflows guide staff through the turnover process based on your needs and timelines. Catalogs for repairs and upgrades (based on unit- or building-level specifications) ensure the process is completed on time, in the right order. Managers receive alerts when predicted deadlines are missed.
Real-time Collaboration
Let field staff, your management team and trusted vendors access and update project progress in real-time. All users can leave notes, set reminders, send completion notifications, and escalate issues using a single platform—whether they’re online or off—keeping your turnovers on schedule.
Faster Scoping & Procurement
Help field staff properly scope make-ready tasks using an intelligent catalog of custom items and repairs, and get price estimates for the work with expected payback. Quickly approve their requests, and distribute work orders to trusted contractors or internal staff so work starts quickly.
Track Expenses & Improve Budgeting
Reduce costs and improve NOI by optimizing the make-ready renovation process. Track all of your historical turnover data and spending so you can improve your processes and build more accurate budgets. SuitSpot also forecasts spending using predictive analytics from unit condition inspections.

Mobile Inspections

Say “Goodbye!” to clipboards. Let field personnel easily and accurately perform condition inspections using a smartphone or tablet so you know your portfolio is properly maintained—without having to go on-site.
Accurate Mobile Inspections
Customize workflows and timelines to match your building and unit types so field staff perform move-in, move-out, and common area inspections consistently every time from their mobile device. Schedule alerts so routine inspection aren’t missed.
Real-time Tracking
Track your field staff’s progress— from inspection notes to digital sign off of work completed. Be alerted when field staff miss inspection deadlines, resident chargebacks are needed, or when work isn’t completed properly and must be redone by a vendor.
Safe Digital Storage
View and store inspection photos and written notes of unit conditions (including digital sign-off from residents or field staff when work is complete) for chargeback or compliance purposes—and reduce the need for on-site visits.
Enhanced Metrics
Create scoring metrics to generate meaningful information from your inspection results. Counts, costs, and risk levels are automatically calculated with each unit that is inspected—making it easier to track costs and ensure property quality is maintained.

Mobile Work Orders

Don’t let work get slowed down waiting for paper to be pushed or data to be entered into your systems. Use a single digital platform to create, assign, and execute work orders more efficiently—and improve your residents’ satisfaction in the process.
Generate Work Orders Easily
Let field staff easily create work orders as they inspect assets from their mobile devices so no work is forgotten. Capture the exact location, photos, and entry information on-site, and have it automatically sent to maintenance staff so that issues can be resolved quickly.
Streamline Communications
Automated email alerts and text messages keep your residents and your team informed and up-to-date on the status of work orders. Follow-up checks and surveys confirm issues are resolved and that residents are satisfied with their service.
Simplify Preventative Maintenance
Schedule preventative maintenance tasks to be automatically created and assigned based on the frequency you need. All service manuals, procedures, and instructional photos are accessible from your staff’s the mobile device.
Insightful Labour & Expense Tracking
Keep track of how much time is spent addressing work orders and use approval workflows to cap expenses. Tag materials and labour to the appropriate accounts right from the field so completing work orders is a simpler, faster, and paper-free process.

Property Operations Dashboard & Reports

Go beyond simply getting the job done. Built-in reporting and analytics tools help surface inefficiencies and potential problems—while leading you to solutions—with just a couple of clicks.
Personalized Dashboards
Field staff and executives can see personalized data that meets their needs. View outstanding, overdue, and upcoming work at a glance, or monitor project and task progress from your desktop or mobile device.
Forecasting & Budgets
Accurately predict future move-outs and renovation costs, along with capital plans to forecast spending. Monitor progress and budgets with variance reports that will alert you to possible issues when they can still be mitigated.
Trends & Tendencies
Properties, staff, and project performance change over time. Comparison tools let you see who and what is performing the best while identifying underperforming people and properties so you can make needed improvements.
Exception Reporting
Send alerts and escalations (via email or push notifications) to the appropriate field staff’s mobile device when requirements are not met, so they prioritize the most important tasks each day and resolve potential issues faster.

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